Forensic accountants

Are you a forensic accountant (operating within an accountancy firm or as sole-trader) in need of additional resource for a particular case? If you operate within a firm you may be able to access manpower internally from other departments but without the skills needed in this specialist area. Willis Wood is happy to work with you on a sub-contract basis. The benefit to you will be many years of experience in forensic accounting and an understanding of the legal processes.

Please refer to Services for Solicitors for details of the areas in which we have forensic accounting experience.

Chartered accountants

Do you have a client who is facing litigation and is looking to you to assist with compiling the financial information to support their case? In this situation, your client’s case will be stronger if the accounting support is from an independent forensic accountant, such as Willis Wood, rather than from their own accountant who may be seen by the Courts as having a vested interest in keeping the client happy.

You can refer your client to Willis Wood safe in the knowledge that you will not risk losing your client to us through the provision of mainstream accounting services. We have the experience to act on behalf of your client at what can be a difficult and stressful time.

We would ultimately take instructions from your client’s solicitors to ensure a co-ordinated approach.

Please refer to Services for Solicitors for details of the litigation circumstances where we can assist your client’s case.

Other accounting services

The skills used in forensic accounting such as financial analysis, problem solving, attention to detail and the preparation of clear, concise reports can also be applied in other situations.

Please refer to Services for Businesses for examples of where we may be able to assist your clients if you do not have the necessary manpower or experience to provide the service yourself. You can benefit from our specialist skills either through subcontracting or referral without fear of losing your client.