Your Requirements

Do you have a dispute already in the Court process which requires financial input from an independent accountant or do you need guidance to assess the financial merits of a case at an early stage while considering legal action?

Willis Wood can provide flexible forensic accounting assistance at competitive rates instructed either as expert or advisor appropriate to the stage of your case whether you are pursuing or defending:

  • A preliminary financial review (such as a review of the business entities involved, background research to understand complex groups, analysis of financial statements and other financial information and commenting on the value of any claims) with informal reporting to assist with your planning of the case
  • An overview or detailed assessment of a claim for settlement negotiation purposes
  • Formal Expert Witness reports for Court
  • Review of opposing expert reports, providing a commentary in place of a separate expert report
  • Financial analysis and commentary for the purposes of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or collaborative family law

You can be assured that our assistance will be proportionate, timely and tailored to your specific requirements to help you achieve the best outcome.

Our services

We can provide forensic accounting assistance in the following situations:

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Matrimonial disputes (including acting as Financial Neutral in cases using Collaborative Practice)
  • Commercial disputes
  • Business interruption and similar insurance claims
  • Professional negligence, commenting on liability for accountants and quantum assessments for other professionals
  • Review of accounts for Caution
  • Directors’ disqualification actions
  • Accounting investigations
  • Criminal cases including Proceeds of Crime

The next step

If you are unsure as to whether we can assist in any particular circumstances, please get in touch for an initial no obligation discussion.

In all instances as a starting point it is helpful for us to see a copy of the pleadings (as appropriate) and any financial information you have.

Depending on the extent and nature of the work we are happy to discuss hourly rates or a fixed fee.